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Sep 3, 2012 12:00pm PDT
's auditioning at the dnc for 2016? >> it's interesting, no matter who wins this fall, there's going to be an open democratic nomination, so the big one, obviously, hillary clinton, she won't be anywhere near here, consider her husband's speech her audition for 2016. a lot of smaller name at this point ambitious people making their rounds this week at delegation breakfasts and trying as hard as they can to get on television. martin o'malley, they are doing the most they can. the big exception is andrew cuomo, the governor of new york, reasons for having his own position in new york that's made him so popular in new york. he's staying as far away as he can from this convention. he'll be making a token appearance later in the week, but the one that interests me, hillary clinton is at this point the favorite for 2016. the one who really wants to be in the mix and has an opportunity this week, i think, is joe biden. he's going to be speaking thursday night now. he's 74 years old at the end of 2016, is he too old, the vice president who was too old and never got to succeed harry truman, e
Sep 4, 2012 4:30am EDT
are down in charlotte for the dnc. governor o'malley and congressman, hoyer and edwards as well as mikulski. the speech is from michelle obama and leian castro. the dnc will wrap up thursday when obama gives his address. >>> the dnc has gotten off to a soggy stat but here is something, a tower cam captured a rainbow over charlotte, north carolina, as storms passed through the area. >>> we had rainy weather across our region. i guess you say this is going to come for a few more days. >> it is going to linger. we have the remnants of isaac moving in across the area. we will have this until wednesday and showers around in to thursday. we can see what is going on, i'm going to zoom in closer. we have a few showers lingering, frederick county, carroll county, to the north and east. if you are heading to pennsylvania, this morning, you are going to run in to heavier rain showers across the area. they have flood watches and warnings in the vicinity. temperatures, once again, very warm outside, muggy, we can see the 76 degrees, annapolis, 72 marriottsville. 70 westminster. edgewood 74. 73 elkton. >
Sep 6, 2012 9:00am EDT
will broadcast president obama's acceptance speech tonight beginning 10:00. then stay tuned for fox 5 ns dnc and reaction. we'll also stream the president's speech on >>> meanwhile, it looks like mrs. obama has bragging rights over mitt romney's wife ann. the nielsen company says 4 million more people watched the first lady's convention speech than watched mrs. romney. >>> the social media presence at both the democratic and republican conventions is soaring compared to previous years. in 2008, twitter reported a total of 360,000 tweets. this year, twitter is almost at 9 million tweets for the two party conventions and is expected to pass 10 million by the time the democrats wrap up their convention tonight. >>> checking some of the morning's other top stories for you now, a 12-year-old boy from port washington has entered an alford plea to involuntary manslaughter in the beating case of a 2-year-old girl, a foster child living with his family. in return, prosecutors dropped the more serious charges of second-degree murder. the boy's plea was not an admission of guilt but, rathe
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 3:00am PDT
. i am gretchen carlson. thank you for joining us and spending part of the your day with us. it is dnc and the first speakers have arrived . who is kicking off the convention in support of president obama, we'll let you 99 on the speeches. >> steve: today's speeches is not what is on democrats mind. another headliner has not handed over his speech for them to vet. we are talking about president clinton. >> brian: i am waiting for my teleprompter. don't drink and drive. especially if you are behind the bull dozer. i hope he has a new bumper. "fox and friends" home of the 2012 election starts right now from charlotte. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: and the fighting 49ers live in charlotte, north carolina. what a festative day for the dnc. >> brian: gold dusters are here as you can see. 49er basketball band is here. >> gretchen: and the norm the 49er is here. >> brian: they are responsible but when is the first class in college. seven time tim 30. >> gretchen: no. mr. 2: >> brian: i took a seven : 30 class. >> gretchen: we have a jam-packed show for you today. and the band and dancers are going to
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 3:00am PDT
. zero time. that's how many times the dnc platform mentioned the word god. it was mentioned one time in the 2008 sharp contrast for the republicans who mentioned god. another part of the dnc platform failing to say that jerusalem is the capitol of israel. mitt romney called the slight shameful. debby wasserman-shultz said israel's ambassador to the united states accused israel dangerous. i categorically deny that. and bipartisan support is parra mount interest to both. talking about new jersey. chris christy joining jimmie fallon. and envoked a familiar thing about compromise when talking about nancy pelosi. >> she's a big part of the problem. it is true. because -- listen, in any of the leaders are part of the problem if they are not trying to make a difference. you can't say we talk to each other and you are a leader, you have to make a difference. >> gretchen: governor christie ended a tribute to the man bruce springstein. ♪ >> gretchen: of course that is thunder road. governor christy, how many ringstein concerts has he been through? y >> brian: mantatory. >> steve: instead of
Sep 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
romney, including the first latino dnc t-notes speaker, san antonio mayor julian castro. >> governor romney has undergone an extreme makeover. [laughter] and it's not pretty. here's what we are going to say to mitt romney in november. we are going to say, no. >> the night wrapped up with a positive speech from first lady michelle obama. the president and his two daughters watched the convention from the white house as the first lady made a plea to undecided voters. >> barack knows the american dream because he has lived it. andf he wants everyone in this country to have the same opportunity no matter who we are or where we are from or what we look like or who we love. >> tonight the most popular former president will take the stage. party leaders hope bill clinton will fire up the crowd and give voters the push they need to. reelect to >> -- to reelect president obama. >> today paul ryan will complete the t-bill-day sweep through iowa. he's expected to ask voters to compare how they are doing today with how they were doing four years ago. mitt romney is in vermont preparing for an up
Sep 5, 2012 9:00pm CDT
live at the dnc in charlotte n.c., a stake over a change in venue for the president's speech tomorrow night i'll have a live report coming up. >> tonight at the democratic national convention former president bill clinton the headliner due to speak moments from now trying to rally troops behind the president who is said to be very close to entering the arena tonight and a big disappointment for democrats tomorrow's speech tomorrow moves from outdoors indoors. i a ali he dncncererininhahaotot ththprprident bill clinton expected to speak here in a bid we will show you a snippet of that as he comes on while i am talking and president barack obama could be making his way into the arena in just a bit. the crowd here behind me is going wild for sandra flow could just hit the stage remember she is the one that rush limbaugh called a slut when she mandated for government funded birth control. let's talk about the biggest story going on right now the change of venue for president barack obama speech tomorrow night. the news came down early in the day the front of bad weather would f
Sep 9, 2012 5:00am PDT
are not only listening to what was said at the rnc and the dnc, but also you pay attention to theed be body language. absolutely. >> what does some of it say in general? >> well, you are looking for synchronicity of what the person is saying with the words and what the gestures and the facial expressions and language say and do. and that makes a match if we believe the person is sin veer in what they are speaking. >> and we have a monitor and show some of the speeches and talk about the body language, because i want to start with jennifer granholm because she gave an interesting and exciting speech. let's take a look at that and tell me what you see in jennifer granholmp as she is out there on the stage, and what do you think? >> i absolutely love this. she is so excite and the body language that comes up above the waist like that is all about joy and victory, and so she is definitely saying over and over again, i believe we have victory that we are going to win. she is so confident in the voice which matches up and aligns with the message as well. so amazing. >> a big smile. >> and that is
Sep 6, 2012 8:00pm PDT
back. it's >>pam: and the dnc wraps up tonight. tonight, the president made his case for reelection. kron4 has a full wrap up along with insight from our political analyst. if the officer shot and killed on a bay area freeway, kron4 talks with the sergeant that works with him in the more on the gunman's background furious [ male announcer ] sizzler's classic tri-tip and endless salad bar for $11.99. we start with tri-tip that's cut fresh daily, add in seasonal salads, soups, and sweet treats. sizzler. itself to >>pam: at 8:30 p.m., the president formally accepting his party's nomination. just minutes ago the dnc wrapped up what was a star-studded a final night at the convention. to my whereabouts joined by our political analyst but first, grant lodes has been following the convention. >> about hour ago the president took the stage in charlotte. he followed his wife frances former president clinton, of full of clothes gave tremendous speeches. >> our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met. look half as may be harder but it leads to a new face and i'm asking you to choos
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 6:00am PDT
by if you're in the neighborhood. bill: and it is nine here in charlotte. day two of the dnc rolling on. appealing for a second term. the woman who knows president obama best makes her case in prime time. good morning, everybody. welcome back in charlotte. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom" for the dnc. how are you feeling? martha: i'm feeling great. day 12, whatever it is. we're good. i'm martha maccallum. good morning to you. good morning everybody at home. first lady michelle obama headlines the democratic national convention last night. it was a big night for her. she stood in front of a crowd of faithfuls and basically said that the president needs another four years to finish the job. >> i see the concern in his eyes and i hear the determination in his voice as he tells me, you won't believe what these folks are going through, michelle. it's not right. we've got to keep working to fix this. we have so much more to do. [cheers and applause] [shouting]. bill: so already now we have reaction from the romney team saying in part, quote on the first night of president obama's
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 2:00pm PDT
capitalism, except capitalists. that's why the dnc is calling bill clinton. perhaps he knows big government does not have all the answers. >> we know big government does not have all the answers. we know there is not a program for every problem. [ applause ] we know an we have worked to give the american people a smaller less bureaucratic government in washington. we have to give the american people one that lives within its means. [ applause ] >> the era of big government is over. [ applause ] >> greg: so president obama has problem with married women and he is bringing in bill? doesn't he remember the thing back then -- anyway. how far has the dems reversed course? check out last night's post video. >> we are committed to all people went do believe you can use government in a good way. government is the only thing we all belong to. different churches, different clubs but we're together as part of our city or our county or our state. and our nation. >> greg: the government is the only thing we all belong to. scary thought that nails the cult of big government. to quote highdy klun, you are
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. and a change of plans at the dnc. officials now working to shift the final day from here to here because of worries about the weather. >> you don't want to put people in danger. >> but storm the only reason for the move? but first from fox this wednesday night. an absolutely stunning moment here at the dnc. democrats over the last hour or so made a couple of changes to their party platform and it didn't go smoothly. critics have been going after the democrats for failing to refer to jerusalem as the capital of israel. and for not mentioning god anywhere in the platform. well, less than two hours ago, they attempted to change the platform to address the criticism. and watch what happened. >> is there any further discussion? hearing none, the matter requires a two thirds vote in the affirmative. all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all of those delegates opposed say no. [no] >> in the opinion of the -- let me do that again. all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> i guess. >> you have got to rule and then you have got
FOX News
Sep 8, 2012 12:00am PDT
what the 2012 dnc will be remembered for. no, it is not bill clinton. this is an investigation you will only see tonight here on "hannity." we begin with an in-depth look into president obama's acceptance speech. it was an address, filled with a laundry list of new promises. let's show you a recap. >> we choose this path, we can create a million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years. if you choose this path, we can cut our oil imports in half by 2020 and if support more than 600,000 new jobs in natural gas alone. yes, my plan will continue to reduce the carbon pollution that is heating our planet. i will use the money we are no longer spending on war to pay down our debt and put more people back to work. my plan would cut our deficit by $4 trillion. >> sean: now, if the past 3 1/2 years are any indication, what you heard would be part of a list of broken promises. and the question is, should he win another term? after all, mr. president, you failed to make good on your word countless times. so before you promise us the world, you may want to work on a few of these old pledg
FOX Business
Sep 8, 2012 4:00am EDT
. hours after a big pitch to the dnc with just 60 days before the presidential election, an economy that appears to be stuck in neutral. second term aspirations. we take that up here tonight. also tonight, elaine chao offers her perspective on how to the this put this country back to work. also ahead, ben bernanke on the verge. kevin hassett is here and archbishop dolan during the dnc benediction last night. we will play the tape and let you decide. first, the obama and romney campaign. crisscrossing in iowa and vermont. >> we have been there and we have tried what they are selling. it didn't work then and it's not going to work now. we are moving forward. as was pointed out in the convention, there is a basic component missing from this plan. it's called math. [laughter] arithmetic. lori: there is no arguing with this guy. the economy adding a measly amount of jobs last month, 96,000. it would be good if not for the 400,000 people who drop out of the workforce altogether last month. vice president joe biden insisting that the economy has turned a corner. unfortunately for the ameri
Sep 3, 2012 10:00am PDT
to talk about all of this. and you get to rnc and the dnc and four years ago -- >> yes, a real tour of america. >> this is an important question, because it does not even seem quite yet that they are clear on the message, right. we heard from the maryland governor o'malley earlier today, and he said, no, we are not better off than we were four years ago, but he says that is because president bush dealt us this hand that was just too much. you know, to say yes, definitively to that statement. what does the president need to do or say? >> well, in many way, there is more clarity in the negative message of the democrat thans the positive one. they have worked very assiduously to identify mitt romney and turning the business sense as a liability instead of an asset, and the missing piece throughout all of this is the clearer sense what the president would do in the second term. he says he prevented disaster and falling into a depression, but nobody would say they are satisfied with the economic growth since then even if we avoided the worst and the biggest hole that has to be filled thi
FOX News
Sep 7, 2012 2:00pm PDT
." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: oh, last night. at the dnc, the president and vice president tried to convince america that they know what they are doing when it comes to the economy. >> i don't believe that rolling back regulations on wall street will help the small businesswoman expand, or the laid off construction worker keep his home. we have been there. we tried that and we're not going back. we are moving forward, america. >> because of the decisions he has made, and the incredible strength of the american people, america has turned the corner. >> kimberly: well, you wouldn't know it based on the job numbers that came out this morning. the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1%. why? 368,000 americans have simply dropped out of the workforce. now as of today, almost 90 million americans aren't working. employers added 96,000 jobs last month. romney reacted to the news and speeches earlier in sioux city, iowa. >> after i said earlier after the party last night, the hangover today, jobs numbers were disappointing for almost every net new job created, approximately four people dropped out of the workfor
Sep 2, 2012 8:00am EDT
, the president of the united states will accept his party's presidential nomination at the conclusion of the dnc. >> choosing charlotte to host our convention was no accident. north carolina is a critical battle ground state in the election. >> reporter: the dnc chairman says this convention is anything but conventional. >> we're doing things differently than any convention you've ever seen. we're throwing the doors open and inviting thousands of americans to be part of this convention in many different ways. >> reporter: the dnc is known for its firsts. in 1832, the first dnc was held in a baltimore saloon. a hundred years later, franklin delano roosevelt was the first major party candidate to accept the nomination in person. in 1940, fdr's wife eleanor was the first woman to address a national political convention. in 1984, geraldine ferraro was the first woman placed on the national ticket by a major party. in 2000, the first jewish candidate. and this year, the first hispanic to deliver the keynote address at the dnc. preparations for the four-day convention have been under way for months. t
Sep 6, 2012 12:00pm PDT
, plus what i want to hear from the president tonight. it's september 6th. the grand finale of the dnc, and you're in "the cycle." >>> good thursday afternoon to you. as all you cycle fans know, that means the intersection of presidential politics and, of course, baseball. so as we are in the bottom of the sixth in the election cycle, the game is tight. last night the democrats sent in their premier setup man, a left-hander named clinton, and set up he did. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside. but who burns for america on the inside. >> i could have watched that speech all night. like all good setup men, he left no doubt where he stands in relation to the closer, president barack obama. >> president obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> just in case you forgot, it is now the clinton/obama democratic party. >> america, if that is what you want. >> if th-- if that is what you believe, you mu
Sep 7, 2012 6:00am EDT
of the dnc. good morning. >> good morning. the president barack obama that spoke last night was very different than state senator obama in 2004 and candidate obama in 2008. right off of the bat, he said the times have changed and so i have. his message of hope and change was still there, but it had clearly evolved since he has taken the oval office four years ago. >> 8 years later that hope has been tested. by the cost of war, by one of the worst economic crisis and history and political gridlock that left us wondering if it is still possible to tackle the challenges of our time. i will not pretend that the path i'm offering is quick or easy. i never have. you didn't elect me it tell me what you wanted to hear, you elected me it tell you the truth. [ applause ] the truth is, it will take more than a few years if also to solve challenges that have built up over decades. know this, america, our problems can be solved. hour challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder, but the leads to a better place. i'm asking you to choose that future. >> so, his message of hope and change
FOX News
Sep 2, 2012 3:00am PDT
. while workers put the finishing touches on dnc, we're looking ahead this week in charlotte. >> dave: should be interesting. the symbol of hope and freedom, why is one town refusing to raise the american flag on september 11th of all days. >> clayton: plus, after a flurry of controversy, the secret is out how one brewer got the white house to reveal its coveted beer recipe, cheers. >> dave: cheers. >> clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ i'm excited this beer recipe. >> dave: white house honey ale. >> clayton: we didn't know what was in it so the gentleman who after the freedom of information request, get to the bottom inside the delicious beer, now we know. >> dave: so many things the white house won't release, they refuse to release, but beer. >> alisyn: and i want to find out what's in honey boo-boo and we have a segment 0 coming up about toddlers and tiaras, two parents on from the smoking four-year-old. >> dave: the cigarettes. >> clayton: this just in, we're hearing the white house is changing the name of the ale to the honey boo-boo ale. >> dave: she's capturing the
Sep 7, 2012 4:00am PDT
to the undecided. asking for another term to complete his vision for recovery. >>> the dnc's crowning night, full of emotion from the vice president. to a passionate pledge of allegiance from gabby giffords. >>> also this morning, the most important monthly jobs report yet, threatening to spoil the president's post-convention bump. >>> runaway car. a runaway car on a busy highway. a baby in the backseat. a deputy, in the right place at the right time. >>> and mtv's wild night. outrageous and funky fashions on display, as always, at the annual vmas. >>> good friday morning, everyone. we begin this friday with the first day of the rest of the campaign. >> home stretch. here we go. president obama, last night, wasting no time, today, i should say, hitting the campaign trail, after accepting the nomination last night in charlotte. laying out the progress that's been made, but the problems also still being faced. now, he and challenger, mitt romney, head into the final days. >> abc's brandi hitt covered both conventions. she joins us from charlotte this morning, live. hi, brandbrandi. >> reporter: hi,
Sep 8, 2012 7:00pm PDT
wassermann schultz and accused to overshadowing the president's re-election pied to flat out lying. the dnc convention behind her i invited her on to set the record straight without talking points. she wasn't happy about some of my questions but they had to be asked. so here it is. thanks for coming on this saturday night. i know it's been a very busy time for you. you know you've been at the center of some controversy and before -- i just want you to come on to set the record straight. now that you've had a chance to look back, this isn't an ambush interview. i'm not trying -- this isn't got you. i just want to get some clarity and see if you've had some clarity. i want to start with some of the comments that were made on monday to jewish democrats about israel and specifically a comment you made to the israelan ambassador. here what you said. >> we know and i've heard no less than ambassador michael oren say this, that what the republicans are do is undermining israeli's security by suggesting that the united states and israel don't have anything other than a unique and close and special
FOX Business
Sep 4, 2012 7:00pm EDT
infrastructure and jobs for roads and bridges, which is outlined in the dnc platform. the question, obviously, is, do we believe that these last four years were good for the economy? if not, we could see this on steroids. lou: i want to just point out looking beside you and beside me, there is harry reid, the senate majority leader at the convention. they are, of course, it are two striking claims on both domestic policy and foreign policy. general motors and bin laden being dead -- two sustained arguments. >> bin laden is dead, but at the same time, the muslim brotherhood, which is the godfather of al qaeda and whether it is an ally in egypt, which led to the transformation of the government there where the muslim brotherhood is now in control more than failure of president obama to do more with iran calling for continued sanctions and. meanwhile, this is giving them more time to get a nuclear capability. lou: do you think voters have seen a sharp delineation between president obama and governor mitt romney? >> on the issue of iran and the middle east? >> you know, they showed on the issue of ir
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,280 (some duplicates have been removed)